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​Guest DJ: Visual-kei Night​🎃

Halloween Party 2021

Presented by:

Gig Connection &

Japanese English Meetup

 26th October 2021 

JP EN Halloween Party 2021 Visual-kei DJ

なんとなんと我らがV-kei Night、ハロウィンパーティーにお邪魔しちゃいます!!
Gig Connection様とJapanese English Meetup London様共同主催による毎年恒例の仮装ハロウィンライヴ+​ミートアップ!V-kei NightはゲストDJとしてこの素晴らしきイベントを盛り上げさせていただきます!!
​ライヴ、ミートアップにミニV-kei Night、一粒で三度おいしいハロウィンパーティー、ぜひお越しあれ🎃

Halloween Party 2021 

~Annual Fancy Dress Party with Live Music~

Date:   Tuesday 26th October 2021

Time:   19:30

Venue:   The Water Rats, London King's Cross
Entry:   £ 9   (Ticket Link)

Exclusive Promo Code:   


Gig ConnectionJapanese English Meetupによるハロウィンパーティーがロックダウン休みを乗り越え復活!




Press X

Hibiki Ichikawa Band


Visual-kei Night



  • 18+ only

  • This event will be held under the government's guidelines at the time of the event. Circumstances regarding the capacity, performers, restrictions etc are all subject to change. Refunds will only be provided in the event of line-up changes, reduced capacity as a result of changes in restrictions, or full cancellation of the entire event.

  • We highly value the safety of our guests, venue staff and performers. Hence we recommend you all to take appropriate precautions to your individual circumstances such as vaccinations, wearing face coverings, NHS test and trace app etc.

  • Please understand that you attend the event at your own risk and we are unable to take any responsibilities of any Covid related consequences that may or may not be related to your decision to take part. Testing with the free home test kits before your attendance is highly encouraged.

The Water Rats

328 Grays Inn Road, King’s Cross, London

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